APRIL 2024

No Faith, No Future.


Our goal at Morning Star is for God to allow us to provide provision to the people of our city who are in desperate need. Whether you're in desperate need of food and you are one of our recipients or you're in desperate need of healing in your body or in an area of your family. We are all in the same boat of hoping, longing, and praying for the deperate need of someone greater than us to move with POWER In our lives and that is JESUS CHRIST. In the story of Abraham and Isaac it talks about how far you will go in obedience and what are you willing to sacrifice?
What do you hold dear in your life, and would you have enough faith in the Lord to lay it down.
What does complete surrender take and cost?
To have the faith to completely surrender, you have to have extreme faith knowing God is the ultimate loving father.

Our prayer for you is that you know he sees and absolutely cares.
The Lord will test you in extreme measures, you have the choice to respond in anger and resistance or faith and acceptance knowing he sees all and will come through in ways you never knew he could.

Where is he testing you right now?
 How will you respond?

Featured verse:
Genesis 22:14
And Abraham named that place The Lord will Provide, so today it is said, it will be provided for on the Lord's mountain.

Check out this video on RightNowMedia by Charlie Dates.

We know you will be greatly encouraged as he goes in detail of the promises behind Genesis 22