Mission & Vision

Fresh Food Opens Their Door...Love Opens Their Hearts

The Mission

The mission of Morning Star Fresh Food Ministry is to
provide fresh food to feed families in need in Bakersfield, CA, through the love and hope found in Jesus.
With each box we pack and deliver,
we are fighting hunger and feeding souls.  

The Vision

The vision of Morning Star Fresh Food Ministry is
to provide fresh food to families in need in our community and to equip local churches, non-profits and distribution sites to provide an open door with a box of fresh food.
Fresh food opens their door. Love and hope opens their heart...

About Us 
We bring our Community together to serve

Businesses - Churches - Families - Farmers - Local Butchers - Non-Profits - Volunteers 

Morning Star is a collaborative effort comprised of many moving parts:
Businesses, churches, farm partners, local butchers, non-profits, and volunteers, and local families.

In 2013, Bret Sill saw the need in his city of Bakersfield, and was compelled to  do something. Bret used his knowledge, experience
and relational connections in the agriculture and food industry to resource and bring the community of Bakersfield together to meet the tangible need of food insecurity. The goal then and still today, is, to connect the city of Bakersfield to fresh food and connect families to local resources. Morning Star Fresh Food Ministry seeks to meet the physical and tangible need of providing fresh food, and when additional needs are presented; we are able to connect our families to other crucial resources and services in our community! Be sure to check out our community resources page! 

Feeding the body is an essential need - but it is temporary. Our heart is to present the gospel of Jesus to everyone who receives a fresh food box, because feeding the soul has eternal impact. Every box is prayed over and we include tools that will help facilitate discussion
among the family and teach the principles of God and the love and hope found in Jesus.
Check out the Bible Page to find tools and links to resources and a list of local churches and non profits in Bakersfield.

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A Morning Star Story 

Meet Anthony. He found himself in some hard times and was even homeless for a period of time. He began volunteering at Morning Star Fresh Food Ministry, when he realized it was more than a food "handout." He built relationships with people and wanted to be part of the mission to "feed souls."

He recently started a church called Truth Ministry! 


In 2016 and 2017, The Food Research Action Center (FRAC) ranked Bakersfield,
the largest city in Kern County, as the number one food hardship area in America.
Two of America’s hungriest cities, Bakersfield (#1) & Fresno (#3), sit in California’s Central Valley, which is known for is agricultural wealth and diversity of crop. Central CA feeds the world and our own community was hungry. The irony is uncanny. 

Full Article: https://frac.org/wp-content/uploads/food-hardship-july-2018.pdf